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Guidelines for UArctic Regional Centres


UArctic Regional Centres are formalized structures at the member level to support UArctic, as well as regional dialogue and engagement. These guidelines define the creation of UArctic Regional Centres, whereby a member or several members acting together establish an institutional unit to support broad engagement and outreach outside the individual institution (s). This role can include liaison activities with national or regional administrations and other local stakeholders. Such UArctic Regional Centres act to support UArctic, share information, facilitate member engagement by other members in the country or region, and could also perform specific administrative functions (for example, act as north2north national agency).


UArctic Regional Centres:

  • Must be permanent or regular units within the organizational structure of a UArctic member institution (i.e. not short-term or project-based activities).

  •  Strongly reflect UArctic values and have an overall purpose that supports UArctic's mission and goals.

  • Have broad responsibilities for supporting UArctic activities and UArctic members in the country or region where they operate.

Approval and Requirements:

  • UArctic Regional Centres are approved by the President of UArctic, in consultation with UArctic’s Senior Management Team (Ma-Mawi).

  • Centres must apply to UArctic with an application form that includes basic information about its operations (name, location, general description, main activities, organizational structure, operating budget, web address, contact persons, etc.), and a letter of support from the head of the applying member institution detailing its activities, areas of responsibility, and outlining how the Centre supports UArctic's mission, goals, and values.

  • The responsibilities and functions of UArctic Regional Centres are defined through a Memorandum of Understanding between the host institution and UArctic.

  • Approved centres are then permitted to use the UArctic name, logo (including a "UArctic Regional Centre" variant of the logo) in branding and communications related to the Centre and its operations.

  • UArctic Regional Centres will be presented on the Members area of the UArctic website, to support their role in member engagement.

  •  Centres fall under the responsibility area of the UArctic Vice-President Organization, and must report annually on their activities and outputs, including a summary of their operating budget.

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