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Brief Introduction to the International Arctic Summer School of Harbin Institute of Technology in 2019
Editor:宋维薇  Updated:2019-01-10

Harbin Institute of Technology will hold the International Arctic Summer School on 8th – 21st July 2019. The theme of summer school is "Understanding the Arctic: Environment and Ecology of the Arctic". Through the program, students will be aware of the importance of the Arctic problem and the root causes of Arctic pollution. Students will build up the awareness of loving, protecting, utilizing the Arctic, and laying a good foundation for participating the pollution control in the Arctic. Meanwhile, they will cultivate and improve the innovative talents of teaching and scientific research of the Arctic in the School of Environment.

The objective of this International Summer School program is to enable students to understand the pollutants in the Arctic (types, levels and sources).Teaching experts include: Roland Kallenborn (Norwegian University of Life Sciences & University Center in Svalbard, Norway), Li Yifan (Chief Scientist of Polar Research Institute, Director of Training Center of UArctic-HIT and Professor of Harbin Institute of Technology), Anatoly N. Nikolaev (Vice-principal of Northeastern Federal University, Russia), Katrin Vorkamp (Professor of Aarhus University, Co-chair of Denmark & AMAP Expert Group on POPs s), Atte Korhola (Professor of University of Helsinki, Finland), Konstantin G. Gribanov (Ural Federal University (UrFU), Yekaterinburg, Russia), Jianmin Ma (Professor of Peking UniversityChian), Minghong Cai(Researcher of China Polar Research Institute ) and etc.

Roland Kallenborn

Norwegian University of Life Sciences & University Center in Svalbard, Norway

Yifan Li

Harbin Institute of TechnologyChina

Anatoly N. Nikolaev

Northeastern Federal University, Russia

Katrin Vorkamp

Aarhus University, Denmark & AMAP Expert Group on POPs

Atte Korhola

University of Helsinki, Finland

Konstantin G. Gribanov

Ural Federal University (UrFU), Yekaterinburg, Russia.

Jianmin Ma

Peking UniversityChian

Minghong Cai

China Polar Research Institute

The program includes courses, lectures, reports, comprehensive experimental practice teaching and social practice activities.

The program is for both undergraduate and postgraduate students around the world, in total 30 international students are to be enrolled. The applications of participants will be assessed by the Organizing Committee, and excellent students are selected to participate. International students have to pay for their own travel expenses, while summer schools will pay for accommodation and meals.

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Weiwei Song


Associate Professor

School of Environment

Harbin Institute of Technology.